For Men Only

For Men Only

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tanning Season is Here!

The tanning season is underway-get ready for summer this year with absolutely NO TAN LINES! Bananapeelz pouches are perfect for the tanning bed, the backyard, nearly nude beaches and yes-men love them for the upcoming nude bike rides! Available world wide! If you have a zipcode we zip them to you- Check out the limited editions on ebay under mens tanning or under the kilt pouches!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

BananaPeelz for the Kilt Guys

When did the highsteppers start wearing bananapeelz under their kilts? Well about two years ago we saw an hysterical photo of a good looking dude in a kilt sitting next to the Queen of England. Just as the picture was snapped, a gust of wind lifted his kilt and there IT was for the world to see. We thought maybe we could prevent future embarrassment and a bit of chafing from that itchy wool and started advertising to kilt guys. We know a lot of them like to go commando but evidently a lot don't as we have a large customer base among them. Keep on steppin boys-don't worry about a thing!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Bananapeelz were created for the comfort and convenience of men! They are made from a variety of soft stretchy fabrics, including swimsuit lycra and swimsuit mesh. Whether you are in your birthday suit in the privacy of your own backyard or at the tanning salon, bananapeelz covers the important stuff! Should you be caught unaware by prying eyes all they will see is great package wrapped in designer fabric! They were created after two young men who are dear to our hearts forgot to cover at the salon-and yes they were uncomfortable for a number of days. Bag the nasty sock and ditch the towel so you really can say No Tan Lines!!